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Chasing opal in the Australian Outback

Undark | July 2019

An ambitious collaboration between scientists and a local mining community seeks to preserve one-of-a-kind opalised fossils.

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"I'm towing a jumbo jet"  Life with MND

The STand | march 2018

Professor Justin Yerbury has dedicated his career to finding a cure for the disease that has haunted his family. As MND takes hold of his body, he reflects on his path, his prognosis, and the people he loves.


A shared path to conserving our country

Australian Geographic | July 2017

“This is a beautiful privilege to welcome you to my Country, and I’ll do it in my language,” Uncle Paul Callaghan says warmly, his back to the ocean, hands wide and feet grounded in sand.

Rise of the Himalaya

The STand | February 2019

The rise of the Himalaya profoundly altered the global climate and the mountains still influence weather systems today. Understanding their origins means we can more accurately reconstruct Earth’s fractured history.


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